We are pilgrims on a journey and companions on the road… so go the lyrics from the Servant Song; where I stole the words for the title of this blog. My intention is to share with you some of my journey. So if you are bored and have nothing to do while at work feel free to drop by sometime and share the journey with me, you would be most welcome.

I was inspired to start this blog through reading my best friend Matt’s Bogosity Blog. Though I’m not a techo computer wiz like Matt so I cheated and used Blogger.com to start things moving; instead of putting it off until I can work out the techo program he uses.

I’m not sure what this will look like in the coming days, months, as I’ve always been one to start and stop written journals… all good intentions… but hopeless with the follow through. So as the old 12 steps say… one day at a time.

Well its bout time to get organised for Mass so I’ll dash now and see you all later.