I had the evening shift tonight. Fairly constant kind of night, but not quite what one would call hectic. In the midst of the run of the mill events of the evening I discovered on of the children’s parents knew the Brothers, and indeed their mother was a friend of our late Br Francis, they also knew several of the longer standing parishioners in our parish. So much for 6 degrees of seperation she said, its more like two.

A second incident happened tonight which made me go home with a smile and feeling that I had made an impact on the people I care for. I had been looking after a young teenage boy who had been feeling quite unwell. Becuase of the frequent need to check on him during the evening we built up a bit of rapport with one another. As I was getting ready to leave he turned to his mum (who he would not let leave his side) and said ‘you can go now he can look after me’ and then in another breath said, ‘he could be my new dad; mum meet my new dad, dad meet my mum’. He then shook my hand and I headed off with a huge feeling of connection with another human being.

There is a sense of intimacy that develops, even during the briefest of moments of time together (particularly in the short actute phases of hospitisation). It is hard to explain, but it is more than just meeting someone, its about being in such a connectedness and openess of trust between one another that one finds a sense of union with the other.

For me, these are moments of divine grace, not too disimiliar as one might experience in the intimacy of the Eucharist. In being together with and for one another but each being still a part from the other there is a bond formed briefly but divinely in which we share being part of one united humanity in love and trust which is established by nature of how we come into relationship. It is these moments when I know with 100% certainty that God calls me to be in such union with others.

Further more I know this is not simply a professional response, its an answering to God’s call to be in divine union with others through the ministry of nursing. God continues to give me moments of grace when I can look into the face of God in others and answer ‘who will go for me – here I am Lord, send me’.

Blessings to all