Well it has to be the shortest job on my record, outside of locums, but I have resigned from my job at the Mater. The reasons are various and complex. The most important being that being tied down to a permanent job would have meant decreasing the number of other ‘mission’ opportunities. I would have had to have chosen between one or two things of the various offerings that are already stacking up.

I have to admit that I was also not feeling very challenged there compared to the level of autonomy of practice I experienced in remote area nursing. With so many people around to do the work, or wanting to get clinical experience, it often meant my day was fragmented by others coming and going and ending up not feeling as though I had the same connection with the patients as I did up north.

I think where I am headed is trying to find a balance between the ‘community mission’ and ‘nursing mission’ opportunities. This will be the challenge for the coming year. Already I have been approached to do 4 locums at Pormpuraaw, up in the Cape, where I was over Christmas – New Year.

Having a little more flexibility has also opened the possibility of spending a month in the Eurpean Province in the later half of the year. For me this will be an opportunity to stop along the road and see where I have come from and where I am going. London, of course, is the place where I began my Franciscan journey; and now I will be heading back there to reflect on that early sense of calling and where I am at now in my Franciscan journey. The end result being to make some move toward a decision to take life vows in SSF. For me this opportunity is as important as my need to find my place in the nursing world.

As they say, if it does not rain it pours – I have also been approached to guage my interest in taking on a school chaplaincy position in Tasmania. Tempting, very tempting, but an offer with not so good timing. But it was certainly nice to be approached.

I will also be using some of the freed up time to do some long needed professional development in nursing.