I attended my first practice session with Schola last night. It was excellent. I came away feeling enlivened by the experience. It would be easy to be put off in the initial period of learning how to be part of this unique style of prayer and worship; it is of course more than simply being a part of a ‘choir’. Learning to read and pronounce Latin correctly, while deciphering chant notation and getting your voice to end up on the right pitch, all at the same time feels how I imagine it would be to take control of a helicopter (which requires exceptional coordination skills). In other words, a very daunting and perhaps overwhelming task for the novice. If the goal were not worth it, to chant the most beautiful sacred music, the journey would be a futile exercise. As one experiences, as I briefly did in the workshop on the weekend, the inner spiritual resonance of the music within one’s soul, there is the realisation that the journey is indeed worth taking, for the goal is indeed worth it. Unfortunately I’m off on Sunday for a locum up north and then a few school missions and another locum, so it will be a while before I will get back to another practice, but I certainly look forward to it.