Greetings from Cairns airport. I arrived a little early, could only get a 6 am shuttle to the airport from the motel, only to find a long que at Macair – where could all these people be going. There is a minning expo on at Isa. So it meant a long wait to book in. Just as well the early shuttle then. One lady was livid when she was charged $68 extra baggage. She had enough luggage to last a lifetime. And I thought I was taking too much. Anyway this is a non exciting post, just your average boring I’m at the airport post, but just to let you know all is going well. I’m certianly looking forward to arriving at Pormpuraaw – will it be a good as I remember, will I fall straight into the swing of things. That’s always the challenge having so long between drinks so to speak. But of couse you cannot take ‘drinks’ $37 000 fine if you do. More on that one later. Well best get some last ‘city supplies’ before heading off to the middle of nowhere.