Pormpuraaw Crab

No I didn’t catch it myself. One of the things I like about living in a small community is the close ties one develops with people in the community. Last night one of the nurses I work with came over with this wonderful delight. She had been out camping and fishing with friends. They had one more crab than they could handle so brought it over wondering if I wanted it. Well, talk about all your Christmasses coming at once. I was like a child in a lolly shop. Grabbing a rather large heavy knife I cracked away and devoured the entire crab. And a sizeable one it was too. The meat was awesome.

It feels really good when you realise that other people are thinking about you, and offer you a gift that lets you know that they are not only thinking about you but have listened to you when you have been talking with them. I was certainly grateful for this little fellow. My taste buds certainly enjoyed it.

Well life in the remote parts of Australia continue. I have certainly enjoyed the opportunity to once again visit a place where hospitality and welcome is such a precious commodity.