Nathan in Pormpuraaw

As much as I love the clinical work here, it is still always good to get some free time. Fortunately all my on-calls have had no call backs; so far. This has meant I have not been as exhausted as previously experienced here. The other RNs have not been so fortunate.

Today however, it was time to head of to see the sights, not much to see, more like a walk to the beach is all. One of the RNs was taking her dog, and a dog (horse) she was minding for a walk so we headed off to the beach. She did the short trip as she was flying out that day for Cairns. I continued on out to the southern point of the beach. There are a few campers in town so the camping site has been cleaned up and looks great. Unfortunately one of the fellows has not had such a good holiday. He was mauled by a pack of dogs and had several scrapes and bites to both his legs. We have been treating him for the last week. Though he and his wife were still up at the camp ground, determined not to let the events completely ruin their holiday.

I finally got to see a croc out in the live. Though could not get a good picture of him / her as it was on the opposite bank of the river. I’m happy that it was on the other side. I’m not sure I’d want to end up its breakfast. Without a car here there is not a lot to see, just the town. But it was nice to just wander around, watch the RFDS and Macair plane come in; I know exciting life when you walk down to the airstrip to see planes land. But it was a perfect day for a wander none the less.