Pormpuraaw arial view

Pormpuraaw from the air (click to enlarge) 

Well today it’s back to the big smoke, noise and busyness of Brisvegas. I took this picture as I was leaving Pompuraaw. You can see that it is located on the coast of the Peninsula and that it is not a large town by any means. I will miss the quietness of the town and the people I met and worked with there. However, it is certainly not my last visit. I look forward to my next trip later next month. It feels kind of weird when one gets on a small plane and leaves a small airstrip only to arrive at a large airport to get onto a large plane. As I was getting into the line with loads of other people to book in for my Brisbane flight I realised how much I shall miss being a part of a small community. I shall miss my little hermitage. However, I take with me the experiences I had and know that they will give me food for thought in the coming weeks as I reflect on finding the balance between contemplative and active prayer.