The Southport School is an Anglican Boy’s day and boarding school located near the Gold Coast, Qld. The brothers have been visiting the school for a number of years, participating in the life of the school, sharing time with the boys and being involved in the boy’s preparation for Confirmation. This year is my 5th visit to the school. I always enjoy visiting the school and spending time with the students, staff and parents. The school community is always very welcoming and I have been particularly blessed to have the opportunity to live with the students in one of the school house; Biddle House. The hospitality of the students, resident masters, house master and his family always makes me feel part of the school family.

Br Wade and I arrived ‘hitting the ground running’. We arrived in time to assist the Chaplains and other members of staff with the preparation of over 50 prep school students to be admitted to First Communion. I was taken by the prep students’ interest in the various topics we covered. Particularly so by students who wanted to enter into discussions about the nature of the Trinity or the nature of Jesus (humanity v divinity). The level of interest and desire to learn took me by surprise; I had to defer some of their curiosity to their regular RE teacher who would have more time to satisfy their curious minds.

Later in the evening we met most of the 17 students who were undertaking preparations for Confirmation. It was pleasing to see so many young people who wanted to explore and affirm their faith. It was also pleasing to see a variety of students, siblings, senior students, prep students, students who are strongly academic and students who are strongly sport oriented. It showed me that faith and religion transcends other boundaries which can sometimes separate or ‘catagorise’ individuals and groups.