Br Wade and I were invited to lead the prep school chapel services. Br Wade spoke to the Cribb (junior prep) Chapel students about faith, which like a mustard seed, grows from a small seed. He used the story of an Emperor who seeks to find a child to be his heir. The children are given a seed to grow. A Year later the children return with their plants. One child had no success, he grew nothing. He is chose. Why, because the Emperor had deliberately given them seeds which would not grow, and the boy was the only one not to try and trick the Emperor by bringing a plan which they grew from another seed. The Emperor was looking for the child who had honesty and integrity, this would be the Emperor’s heir.

Later, in the Upper Prep (senior) Chapel we talked about the importance of sharing. I used the story of the Knight who made Stone Soup. After being refused food by a village the Knight makes soup from a stone he tripped over on his journey to the village. He eventually encourages the people of the villiage to contribute to the Soup; feeding all the villiage.

I was impressed how engaging the students were during the Chapel services. Their willingness to participate was wonderful. Some of these students were also ones who were candidates for Baptism and First Communion. I knew that they had taken the story on board when a number of them refereed to it later.