Tuesday and Wednesday was a highlight of the school visit. Over 50 prep school students came to be Baptised and or admitted to Communion. Parents, friends, sponsors, teachers all came to support the students in this big day.

It was great to be a part of their preparation for First Communion and then to be part of the service. For most of them this was their first time wearing their Chapel Dress, or being in the senior Chapel. It was a particular treat for them on the Wednesday night when the senior school captain was present to show his support. Though a secret was given away about a certain prep boy who had to be asked to leave Chapel once, yes even great leaders can start out as terrors.

I’m sure that every proud parent and supporter looked on with pride as each boy for Baptism came forward and later as each of them affirmed their faith and their desire to be admitted to Communion. This followed by glowing prep students coming forward and taking their first Communion. The site had to be experienced, words cannot express it well enough.