As I was planning for this year’s visit to ASSG I was wanting to do something special with the students in year 12; most of whom I had known since year 8. I wanted to do something not only interesting with them, but something that they could take away and would remind them of our visits over the years. Then I had a thought that it would be very appropriate to make Holding Crosses with them. Holding Crosses, first developed by Sr Angela, have a story behind them which seemed fitting for the occasion. Sr Angela developed her Holding Cross for a woman who had been under house arrest because of her anti-apartheid activities in South Africa. The Cross was sent with the message as you hold this know that we pray for you or words to that effect. This seemed an apt way to offer the students something meaningful which expressed a sentiment of similar thought; that it, as we said to them, this is a gift that we can give them that they could take away and when they hold it they might remember the times we spent together at ASSG.

We were overwhelmingly surprised at the positive response. Students spent a great deal of time preparing their Crosses; frequently coming up to us to show how they were progressing with their Crosses. Even students in junior years were wanting to make their own. We explained, however, that this was something we wanted to do with the year 12s and that we would do the same with them when they leave school. Some of the year 11s said they hoped they’d get a chance to make some next year.

Sometimes the simplest thing is the best.