It seems to become increasingly harder each year; leaving All Souls that is. I’m constantly blessed with the way in which the students of ASSG welcome us and take time to befriend us. The way they take us into their community and share their lives with us is overwhelming. Being a smaller school it has been easier over the years to get to know students more closely than in larger schools. I guess that’s why leaving seems to be getting that little bit harder each year. It was particularly so this year as a number of the year 12 students will finish school this year and I’ll miss seeing them next year. We did have an opportunity to have a small service of blessing and annointing for some of those who we have come to know well and will leave this year.

Over the course of the last 10 days we have had opportunity to laugh, play and eat with the students, as well as challenge them and stretch their minds in the classroom. I was all too aware that some of the things we asked of students was hard for them. However, I appreciated the effort they put in stepping up to the challenges thrown to them. I was also particularly appreciative of the efforts of a group of students who braved the cold and wet to join us each morning at 6.30 am for a Eucharist service. I think these are exemplars of why I appreciate coming to ASSG; that is the student’s ability and willingness to try and to be a part of things. They are genuine down to earth people who will make an effort if and when asked. I’m already looking forward to 2008.