My first Barra

I think I can safely count on one hand the number of times that I’ve been fishing. In fact the times I did it would have been best described as fish feeding. When it came to fishing it made more sense to me to go out the the river, dump in some bait, and pick up some fish and chips from the local on the way home. But I’m no longer a virgin fisherman, I caught my very first fish, this little Barra. Unfortunately he was under the allowed ‘keeping’ size so he got to live another day. One of the girls I worked with at Pormpuraaw and her husband took me out on their tinny to do some barra hunting and croc spotting. Frankie, the RN I work with, told me the secret to fishing up a good barra, you have to whinge about how tedious fishing is. She got the catch of the day, a whopping 850 cm. Mine (pictured) was not much to speak of, but made me feel like I’d achieved something that day. Frankie and her husband are also the ones who netted some great crabs I got to be spoilt on. They were also exceptionally kind enough to share some of the Frankie’s catch with me, I’m so looking forward to that one. I feel so blessed to have meet the kindness of such people.