Pormpuraaw Croc

They don’t post crocidile warning signs for nothing. One of the ‘attractions‘ at Pormpuraaw is the crocidile farm. There are also a number of these babies which hang out on the banks and in the waters of Pormpuraaw. The one pictured here is a small sample. Myself and one of the other RNs saw a fella much bigger, we reckon it was easily 17 ft. We were both glad that he was one other other side of the river and there was a large drop between us and the water. One of the other RNs and her husband took me fishing and we saw this fella along with a number of others. So I can safely say now that those warning signs are not just to make the place look colourful. So if you are in the water, beware, and remember what they say – never smile at a crocodile.