What’s the difference between Qantas, Jet Star and Virgin Blue – you can get decent service and meals on Jet Star and Virgin. As a Qantas frequent flyer I’m appalled at the continual decline of service and catering standards of our supposed national airline. It seems that short cuts and cost cutting is not only taking place in the maintenance of our flying kangaroo but so too are the standards of service and catering, thankfully the later does not jeopardise our life. On a two and a half hour flight from Cairns to Brisbane during what is usually someones dinner time the best our airline could come up with was three small oat biscuits no bigger than a 50c piece and the tinniest tub of “cream cheese”; served with not a lot of smile. At least on Virgin the staff always seem happy to be there and you can get a decent sandwich even if you do have to pay a little for it. Many years ago my uncle was long standing Qantas caterer. When the catering was moved out of Qantas kitchens and outsourced he said that would be the decline of the quality of Qantas catering, no words have been so prophetic. The food is taking a dive, the staff no longer look like they are happy to be serving you, and the planes look like they have not been cleaned in ages. Come on Qantas, get your act together. What sort of image is our flying kangaroo giving to our visitors.