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Here is a major blast from the past. I joined this Friends Reunited site a number of years ago at the invitation of a friend. I don’t generally take much interest in these invitations but since it came from an old friend I decided to. I have not really paid much interest to the site until today when I had a few minutes up my sleve and was clearing all the mail from another email account and decided to have a look at the Friends Reunited site. Well someone had put up a photo of our year 12 class. I have no pictures from my childhood as we moved around more times than I’ve had hot breakfasts and always having to take only the ‘necessary’ items. It was a major blast from the past to see this photo talk about memories, some you want to forget and some you want to remember. If you’re interested in seeing a younger more handsome me way back when you’ll have to click onto the photo to open it to its full size, the scan is not the best but if you look in the 2nd row from the back and 3rd from the left hand side of the picture your curiousity will be solved. My goodness, where we ever that young. PS, that’s Colyton High School, Colyton NSW, class of 84.

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